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About Us

Network for Clean Air was established in July 2012 when we organised a conference/unconference called Cities for Clean Air : London 2012 immediately prior to the London Olympics. In 2013, we organised our first programme of citizen science to study levels of air pollution.

How We Work

We network people and communities for better air quality and less air pollution. We bring people together: to share ideas, knowledge and experience. Networking people means that they continue to work as part of an organisation or community, and that word can spread by informal channels - the social network. We outreach, and promote clean air solutions in the public realm. We want people to actively explore their environment and the air which is part of it.

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Newsletters are occasional with information from us.

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Why not also join our community discussion list to discuss air quality issues and post information about local events, news and views.


Email:The co-ordinator of Network for Clean Air can be reached by email: (Note: please remove the dashes from the email address when sending an email.)

Post: We've now left the Old Music Hall on the Cowley Road in Oxford. But we're still based in Oxford. Please contact us via email in the first instance. Thank-you.


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